Public liability for clowns and other children’s event entertainers

If you are a children's event entertainer it's extremely important that you maintain public liability insurance. Public liability insurance specifically covers you in case, in the course of your normal business, you cause damage to people or property. Here are 3 specific reasons you need to make sure your public liability is up to date. Limitations on homeowner's public liability insurance Many in-home performers believe that the homeowners insurance includes public liability, however public liability insurance through a homeowner's insurance policy will not cover you for any injuries that occur while you are running your business in the home. Read More 

Do You Still Need Business Insurance if You Operate a Not-for-profit?

If you run a not-for-profit organisation or charity, it can be easy to overlook the need for business insurance. Business insurance should still be a priority for a not-for-profit business, and may be even more important for companies which do not have a high cash buffer to draw on if they do get sued. Business insurance is usually tailored to the type of business that your not-for-profit is in and can include the following. Read More