Public liability for clowns and other children’s event entertainers

If you are a children's event entertainer it's extremely important that you maintain public liability insurance. Public liability insurance specifically covers you in case, in the course of your normal business, you cause damage to people or property. Here are 3 specific reasons you need to make sure your public liability is up to date.

Limitations on homeowner's public liability insurance

Many in-home performers believe that the homeowners insurance includes public liability, however public liability insurance through a homeowner's insurance policy will not cover you for any injuries that occur while you are running your business in the home. This means if someone slips on some spilt bubble mix or ends up with some fairy glitter in their eye, you will need to cover these expenses through your business and public liability insurance provides a source to claim against for large and unexpected damages.

Requirement of a number of venues

A number of venues require external performers to have public liability insurance, specifically because they do not have full control over the style of shows offered by any external entertainers and do not want to take on liability. This can include many indoor play centres, as well as some council run venues, such as public parks and community centres. If you do not have public liability insurance and have to limit the venues in which you can appear, then this can adversely affect the growth and success of your business. 

Ability  to do corporate shows and parties

Birthday parties naturally peak at some times of the year, with the third quartile (especially September) being especially bountiful. In order to manage cash flow throughout the rest of the year, you'll find it easier if you can pick up other gigs, including corporate family days, community fairs and school fetes. These can be well paid and also offer a great chance to get out and demonstrate your offering and build your brand name in your local area, which can lead to further business. The management teams for these events require public liability for all performers to cover any accidental damage. Check with the organisers about the levels of insurance they require, but don't be worried if it's higher than your current levels, as it's easy to raise levels by talking to the insurance company or your broker.

As you can see, it's important for children's event entertainers to hold public liability as a risk management strategy as well as part of the strategy to grow your business.